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promotional calendarsCalendar Custom Made ( C.C.M. ) designs and manufactures high quality, custom-made calendars. People refer to their calendars 4 or 5 times a day. By distributing just 100 imprinted, personalized calendars, you can be viewed up to 500 times a day. Annually, this is an exposure of over 100,000 positive images.

We offer you:

  • Elegant and stylish appearance
  • The convenience of seeing 3 months at a time
  • Long-lasting advertising all year round
  • A Custom-Made and Personalized gift Idea
  • Targeted marketing exposure at very low cost
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Clients and potential clients ask for calendars. It’s the only form of advertising that people do ask for.

Why are promotional calendars from Calendarcustommade.com better than other calendars?

Calendarcustommade.com promotional custom made calendars have:
  • Highest quality of printing and assembly.
  • Unique calendarcustommade.com fonts intrinsic to promotional calendars that look sharp even from a distance.
  • Memo style grid of our custom calendars is printed in such a way, that the user can easily make notes and memos in the clear cell spaces of each day.
  • Calendarcustommade.com promotional calendars have a high-quality wire-o-binding. This makes our custom made calendars elegant and appealing.
  • For the back wall (the back cover) of the custom made calendar a hard and durable carton paper is used. This keeps the calendar from deforming over time, thus keeping your company brand name, logo, or personal message looking level and straight all year long, like a brand new calendar.
  • An exclusive distinctiveness to our promotional calendar is the movable red square, the so-called Day Pointer. It easily moves across our custom calendar pointing us to the current day of the week. This is very convenient, as it only takes a glance to see today’s day and date. It became a pleasant habit for many calendarcustommade.com customers to start their morning routine by adjusting their Day Pointer.
And this is not all!

promotional calendars All custom calendars from calendarcustommade.com show both Canadian and American holidays.
Also, calendarcustommade.com promotional calendars show lunar phases and the Julian Date – i.e. the sequential day’s number of the current year.
We’ve included one more very important detail – the week’s number. This is a crucial element to many businesses seeing as they conduct weekly or bi-weekly record-keeping procedures.
All of the aforementioned relates to calendarcustommade.com custom made promotional wall calendars. Calendarcustommade.com custom made desktop calendars are also distinctive in their quality and elegance. The hard base of the calendar itself, the highest standard in printing, an excellent design, optimal dimensions – make these promotional desktop calendars so appealing that any user, having encountered one of these calendars, would want to have the same kind of calendar in the new year. The quality of our calendars is tested by time. This is attested to by a number of our regular customers. More than 90% of new customers become returning customers!
The user values and loves a high-quality product, such as our calendarcustommade.com promotional calendars - customized and presented by you.
Promotional custom calendars made by calendarcustommade.com beat any competitor by an optimal combination of highest quality and lowest price!
Another important detail – calendarcustommade.com promotional calendars are printed on paper produced in Canada. Printing and assembly also take place in Canada.
All of the aforementioned elements can only be found in calendars made by calendarcustommade.com.

To own and use a calendarcustommade.com calendar is very simple, convenient and prestigious for all; for businesses as well as the home user.
"Who would have ever thought there would be so much excitement over a calendar?! The 3-month calendars are so popular with our clients that many have said they are abandoning whatever electronic version they were using.
Thanks for a job well done!"
Dennis Gwilliam
Road Way Logistics Inc

"The service and response we get from Stan and his team is incredible. In our busy environment, pre-planning a calendar for next year is low on our day to day priority list, but we don't have to worry as Stan just takes care of it for us!"
Dallas McIntyre
McIntyre Crane & Rigging Ltd. Calgary Alberta

                      "Calendars arrived in excellent condition, on time, and as expected. Thank you Support Corp!
(From A & A)"
Trevor Carss
Marketing | A & A

                      "This is the first time we have worked with Stan and Support Corp. and we would be delighted to work with them again. Stan easily guided us through the order process, giving us all the information and help we needed to streamline the job. ICECORP is proud to work with an organization that understands the high standards that our company has and are efficient in delivering well within time limits. I would highly recommend working with them!
- Allyson M"
ICECORP Logistics Group

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CalendarCustomMade.com will help your company gain recognition by building a strong memorable real visual identity.

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All our calendars are made in North America.

Learn how Calendars can Offer Amazing Branding & Advertising Versatility

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You can save a lot on your calendars by placing your order before:

March 3130% OffJune 3010% Off
April 3020% OffAugust 315% Off
May 3115% OffSpecial discounts after September 01
Moreover, your payment will be broken in two parts.
You pay only 50% now, by placing the order, and another 50% pay COD,
on the delivery day when you need them (November-December).

Distributors are Welcomed!

Anyone can get 10% referrals commissions from any order!

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We have a wide range of calendars to choose from, including wall, desk, magnet:

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About us

promotional gifts Calendar Custom Made manufactures high-quality, custom-made calendars.
  • All our calendars are made in North America.
  • Benefits of using custom-made calendars
  • Highly appreciated and regarded
  • Long life - calendars are on display all year round
  • A promotional item that people need and use
  • Cost effective - calendars cost pennies per day
  • Controlled distribution - the best form of targeting marketing
  • Easy to customize - your choice of graphics, photographs, logos and design
  • Repeat exposure - customers remember the advertiser throughout the year